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1 year ago

SUN LIBRARY | LIBRARY.HUANITYBOOK.COM The Library “The Union of self-preservation & self-salvation of people” (USSP) is being regularly published since 2022. The “The Union of self-preservation & self-salvation people” is an international online library-journal devoted to the publication of original and high-quality research of all possible (theoretical and practical) aspects of the life of a "Many-times Human" and "Many-times Humanity". Subjects covered by The Union of self-preservation & self-salvation people: Philosophy of Many-times People. Philosophy of Many-times Humanity. Practical questions of self-preservation and self-salvation. Methods for preserving a complete genome for periods from 200 years to 50,000 years or more - up to 4,000,000 years. Storing important files. Personal page of each person in the BOOK OF HUMANITY. Storage business models (including eternal file storage). Business models for storing analog parts of full DNA caches. Stabilizers. Nano-norms. Home cryogen (HOMECRYO). Cryo life. Cryo VIP. Natur robotics. CodeShips. To Universe Forever (2U4E). TOEVERFOREVER! (2E4E) Miscellanea. To ensure speedy publication, only articles that are sufficiently well presented, contain significant results. Editorial decisions on the acceptance or otherwise are taken within 4 to 8 weeks (two months) of receipt of the paper. The journal will also publish survey articles giving details of research progress made during the last three decades in this area (Since LIFEERUPTION, I.J. Barbe (h)., 2014) We accept 4 types of purely Author's content in the original languages (BOOK OF HUMANITY supports 450 languages), namely: NEWS, ARTICLES, RESEARCH, BOOKS, Philosophy, The Future of Humanity - Utopias, Social forecasting, Futurology, Global modeling. SOZOISM.